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                The people of Megeve

To go for a sleigh ride

Dr Charles Socquet's books

Mrs. Joly-Pottuz, Megeve street guide

Megeve city centre map

                Cultural and traditional side of Megeve

                        The dialect used in Megeve

                        Lace made in Megève

                        Mégevans's songs

                Megeve: a land with legends

                        Once upon a time when the village was found

                                 Short local legends

                        Megève : a village of Savoy

                                 Savoy between globalisation and tribal withdrawn attitude

                                 Recipes of Savoie

                                 Songs of Savoy

                                 Short tales of Savoy


                Les lieux pittoresques de Megève

                        The calvary of Megève

                        The church of Megève

                        Panoramic view of Megève (North side)

                        Clichés of Megève

                                Old pictures compared to actual ones

                                Mégevans' photos around 1900

                                Winter sports in Megeve

                                The mountains ...

                                The village place

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                A form to send your comments back!

                 A forum to talk about  Megeve

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