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Why to give the title "Mag'Eva" to a homepage on Megeve, French ski resort, which has known how to successfully mix the quality of its ski domain and the beauty of its village ?

Because Megeve has been populated for thousands of years !

Celts and Romans are the founders of Megeve. They called it Mag Eva... 12 rivers join one another in the glen of Megeve. Mag meant habitation, Eva comes from the Latin aqua (water) : together they meant that it was the place where houses were settled in the middle of waters.

 The aim of this homepage is to show that Megeve has a deep history, longer than any other ski resort in the Alps, much older than  the apparition of ski resort.

Megeve has always interested people as you are going to see on those pages ! Nonetheless the best way to feel it is to visit Megeve in real.

Sorry the English version is under construction !

Thanks to Dr. Charles Socquet who has retrieved the old name of Mag-Eva in the old books.
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